New 2 Meter Repeater Project

New 2 Meter Repeater Project

Currently coordinated on 146.700 -.600khz by ARCA

Motorola DC Remote Control that will connect to the repeater as a remote base station. Hope to use it as a connect point for Echolink to put the repeater up as a node

New-Used Motorola MSF 5000 VHF repeater that came from Lake Havasu City PD

We came up with the remote metering package for the MSF5000

This is our Icom 2100H set up as a control radio control station so we can still work 23 2 Meter Repeaters from Lake Havasu, Quartzsite, Parker, Williams, Las Vegas, Boulder City as well as local repeaters in Kingman and Bullhead City this picture also shows our Telephone Interconnect. We may still use in this configuration but hopefully will be able to interface it on the Motorola MSF5000

Currently we are using a Homebrew system for testing on 55 watts with two Icom 2100H radios hooked up to our controler and phone patch along with the new Sinclair Q202G duplexer and 80 watt regulated power supply. We plan to move the Homebrew up to the garage to test the new 6.8 DB gain Diamond antenna to see if there is an improvement in signal range. Also the new antenna will be fed on Andrew 1/2 inch Heliax hardline

New 6.8db Antenna

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