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"WHAT to know BEFORE you choose an ipod for your event"



As is often the case in society, some things or ideas become trendy with little thought to practical implementation. A few years ago, it was the idea of a "sponsored wedding" that somehow everyone would want to donate their services to you in the hopes of getting business from others. Sounds like a good idea, but never really took off because all the vendors realized that a sponsored wedding only generated more requests for sponsored weddings, not more business for them. So people that overspent on some items counting on the reception being paid for by others soon were in trouble as their budget was gone & they were still missing major parts of their event program.

Today, the trendy topic is DIY receptions by using an ipod & a rented sound system instead of a professional wedding entertainer, the DJ. This idea is fraught with peril, because a great event is more than simply gear & music. It is the talent that a qualified professional brings to the event that matters most. It is what allows for a smooth flow to the event, with no embarrassing surprises. A Professional DJ provides you with confidence that your event will flow smoothly & will be an event that you, your family & guests will never forget, instead of one they would like to.

In order to show you, the consumer the effects of using an ipod, we decided to let video tell the story. What you are about to see is real. It is video from an actual wedding where they chose to use an ipod. The video is untouched other than to insert some dialogue slides from time to time. We hope that by it you will clearly see what happens when you gamble your event success on an ipod.


Ground Zero Entertainment's Standards

We work to the highest in business ethics and performance standards

It is our intention to provide the highest quality service to our clients and to perform in a manner most appropriate as professional disc jockey entertainers.


• Be courteous and respectful

• Tell the Truth

• Return your phone calls in a timely manner

• Be fair and competitive in our pricing

• Listen to your needs

• Setup early for the event

• Dress appropriately

• Play your selection of music

• Assist in anyway to make your event successful

• Do our very best for you

• Be ENTHUSIASTIC and have FUN!!


• Act in a manner unbecoming a professional

• Use offensive language

• Drink alcohol or smoke

• Perform in the presence of illegal drugs

• Use Music stolen off the Internet

• Play any music that contains foul language, is sexually offensive or demeaning

• Offend you or your guests

• Switch to another DJ prior to the event, without your permission

• Have an unpleasant attitude

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