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Our State of the Art Equipment

We have the latest in audio technology. We use Virtual DJ to deliver the feel of old school serato style mixing with virtual turntables here.

We are fully Digital. Our library is in the "ogg" format. That gives the best clarity with CD digital Quality. This gives the flexibility to create the best mix for your event. Plus it will sound great every time. We have a complete back up system so we are never down for technical reasons.

We use the best in mixing software. Virtual DJ Software along with a Digital controller creates a serato mix as if using old school turntables. Scratch, back spin, beat matching, extended mixing. The tactical feel of the controller is the future of Live DJ Mixing. Keeping it exciting and off the fly control of the music.

Our CD Playback system is the latest dual CD professional player from Stanton.

We have four sets of Speaker Cabinets. All feature 15 inch drivers and 1 inch horns. 1 Pair of JBL SX700 Cabinets, 2 pair of Behringer Eurolive Pro 1520 Cabinets 2 Pair Behringer BX1212A Self Powered Cabinets and 1 pair of Shure LX15180 Cabinets. All feature 90 x 40 degree horns along with 15 inch mid range. Our Sub Base Speaker system includes: 2 JBL 18" sub speakers and a Peavey KB300 Active sub with a single 20" driver . The large degree angle allows us to cover large venues and fill a small room with warm rich sound. We can combine our 13 cabinets for large indoor and outdoor venues. We also employ State of the Art Digital Wireless Audio links to connect our systems together in large venues to eliminate unsightly wiring and creating safety issues.

The EQ Drive is a Behringer EQ and Cross over system powering 2 Crest VA900 Amps Delivering 800 watts per channel. The Sub System is driven by a Meyers Cross over to deliver powerful bass to rock any room. Our additional 3 systems are powered by American Audio VLP300 Amplifiers. Saving weight and space for smaller events, but still delivering excellent performance.

Effects processor is a Lexicon MPX100 Multi Effects unit for rich reverb plates and snappy delays. We also use this for time correction for large venues.

We use a RCA DVD multi-player for Karaoke as well as a CD/MP3 Player. If you have it on any media we can play it.

Our Mixer is a an American Audio 16 input pro mixer with a great aural exciter that really makes the music sparkle with super sub bass punch.

The heart of our music system is our Compaq Presario 2500 laptop featuring a great sound card by JBL Audio. We use the latest software for mixing as well as ripping our music. Control is taken from the latest technology from Hercules' new MK2 Digital mixing station. Giving a full tactile feel of the music tracks as if using turntables. Matched with the best mixing software, Virtual DJ. Our Laptop is fully backed up and we have another computer system for back up. (Just in case)

We also lean on our new Stanton dual CD digital pro player. Not only play CD but also reads our music format of wav and ogg formats. Giving us unheard of flexibility not found with typical mobile DJ's.

Our complete music library is loaded in our Microsoft XL data base allowing us to search for your favorite song instantly. We can search by Title, Album or Artist. We also offer a complete notebook listing all of our music for you to browse.

Microphones include: 2 Shure Sm57 mics, 2 Shure SM58 mica, 2 Samson 58 wireless mic and 1 Samson wireless headset mic. We also have two Matching Nady Wireless Mics for wedding toasts and Karaoke.

All of our Audio Gear is housed in a custom audio racks by OSB. This allows us to set up in a limited amount of time. Not spending hours wiring gear up each time.

Our state of the Art Lighting system includes: The Latest in Mobile DJ Lighting Technology inclueds: The New Galaxian Laser Light Show, The Revo IV, Revo III LCD intellegent lighting systems, two Revo Sweeps, two Chauvet Ch-158 Bank lights featuring and one Chauvet Ch-175 Bank light with 148 programs including audio chase linked and controlled with a DMX controller. Two Chauvet Intimidator scanners with 14 gobo designs and 18 colors. Combined with two Chauvet Moon Beam Scanners, dual strobes and two very awsome Laser lights with 100 eye popping patterens that dance with the beat of the music; our light show baths any dance floor with never ending combinations of lighting effects that always keep beat with the music.

Other lighting effects: Mirror Ball with pin spot to dazzle the room, 1500 CFM Fog machine that is water based, a bubble machine and Black Lights to enhance the lighting footprint.

Our lighting rig is fixed to a free standing 10 wide truss system and two self standing T-Bars to provides a great look along with safety for your guests.

We also have a scaled down light show for smaller venues. Depending on the size of the room, we create a lighting package that will always dazzel your guests.

Gene brings to your event over 15 years of experience in Party Planning and is always available to help you create an event that people will talk about for years to come!

Intellegent Lighting System

We can configure a Sound & Lighting Package to meet any need. Large or Small Venues. WE ALWAYS do a sight survey and meet with you to come up with an equipment plan to meet your needs and budget!


    CALL TODAY so we can start planning your party. We offer some great planning tools to get you started off right, so together we can pull off a great PARTY! 


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