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You can immediately determine if we are available on your special date.  Just provide the following information and press the Check Availability button.

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We offer full consultation for your event from finding the Venue, and partnering with you to plan your event.

We do require a contract. Not allot of legal mumbo jumbo. But a simple straight forward contract that is flexible to your needs. This is to protect you. Not to corner you into any legal document. This is business and we need to treat it as such. I love the good old days of just a hand shake. I will make sure you are comfortable with all the terms that are all about you and your event not me the DJ. I do not have some inflated ego to keep filled. I want to be an asset to your event no someone you have to wait on hand and foot. If I am there and something needs to be done, I do it. I am a team player. If I can do anything to assist you and your staff in any way I do it. That is my promise to you!

You can call me at 928-565-4375. Fax number is 928-565-3203.

Cell 702-379-9865.


I am accessible anytime. I do not keep 9-5 hours because you need to plan parties on weekends and evenings sometimes. That is the real world.


    CALL TODAY so we can start planning your party. We offer some great planning tools to get you started off right so together we can pull off a great PARTY! 


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